Active, Advanced,  and Accountable  (AAA)

Fujii Nenshi & Co., Ltd
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Company Profile


  • 1 - We always value the convenience of our customers first.

    We sincerely act giving priority to meeting the needs of our contractors and the customers to whom we deliver our processed products.

  • 2 - AAA (Triple A-active, advanced and accountable)

    We work Actively and lively enjoying to accomplish our assignments, and we challenge to absorb Advanced technologies with aggressive efforts, and we try to be Accountable and reliable of our clients for all the time.

  • 3 - HHH (Triple H-head, hand, and heart)

    We serve our clients by using our Head and intelligence with all our efforts, by moving our Hands and feet without stopping, and by acting with the warmest Heart and utmost cordiality.

  • 4 - To live together with the local community

    We recognize that our company is supported by the local community including our employees and many local suppliers, not to speak of our clients. We realize that it is our social responsibility to keep investing in the areas of our business activities and to give places to work joyfully as much to the satisfaction of our workforce. So we try to make every effort to co-habit peacefully with the local community.


Business Management Policy

  • 1 - Efficiency first

    Let us improve the capability and motivation of each staff in order to increase the productivity within a limited worktime by way of searching for originality and ingenuity.

  • 2 - Better communication

    Let us establish a frank relationship together as we are a small company with small number of people around. Report bad news first and good news later to your manager.

  • 3 - Customer valued

    Let us accept 'Customer as God'. Customers' request on delivery date should always be OK. If you can't meet their request, you have to report to the President to say NO to the customer. When requested on the quality of our products, you should always be cordial, and they can count on you for their requests.

  • 4 - Defence and Offence

    Let us refrain from investing in unaccustomed area of business, but let us concentrate on the present area. As for investments, we should carry out on the basis of `Selection and Integration'.

  • 5 - Decrease expenses

    Let us decrease the expenses on energy and transportation, but not on personnel expenses. Waste management and material procurements are major sources of cutting costs.

  • 6 - Strengthen our capital base

    Let us increase our capital base as early as possible and prepare for the giant leap just ahead of us.

  • 7 - Sustainable business

    Let us aim at 20% of ROE. We need to gain reasonable profitability in order to improve labor conditions and to renew equipments. We should be regarded as a self-sustainable company.

  • 8 - Efforts towards quality improvement

    We will spare no effort in constantly striving for quality improvement and continue to create products that are loved by our customers.


  • Head Office/
    20-14, Hazu-cho, Yokkaichi-city Mie Prefecture, 510-0017 JAPAN
    TEL : +81-59-331-8351 
    FAX: +81-59-332-1847
  • Kusu Factory #1/
    50, Minamigawa, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city Mie Prefecture, 510-0105, JAPAN
    TEL : +81-59-398-2011 
    FAX: +81-59-398-2012
  • Kusu Factory #2/
    50, Minamigawa, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city Mie Prefecture, 510-0105, JAPAN
    TEL : +81-59-398-0200 
    FAX: +81-59-398-7730
CEO Yuki (George) FUJII
Foundation Founded: July 25, 1957
Company Company Established: December 1, 1968
Financial year 31-mar
Capital ¥88million
Sales ¥2,267million (Fiscal year ended on March 31, 2023)
Area of business Twisting of glass fiber yarns
Twisting of synthetic fiber filaments (mainly BCF nylon, PP, PET), heatsetting
Intermingling of synthetic fiber filaments (mainly BCF nylon, PP, PET)
Spinning of PP filaments ready to tuft
Employees 132 people as of June 1, 2023
Managers CEO & Chairman Yuki (George) FUJII
COO & President Yoshihisa (Johnny) FUJII
Factory Manager of Kusu #1 Koji MIZUNO
Factory Manager of Kusu #2 Kazuya MAKINO
Factory Manager of Headquarters(Hazu) Yukio YAMAMOTO
Intermingling Dept : General Manager & Director; Yohei OTA, Kazuya TAKIMOTO
BCF Twisting / Heatsetting Dept : Assistant General Manager; Keta YAMAMOTO
Glass Fiber Dept : Assistant General Manager; Junko KATO
PP Spinning Dept : Assistant General Manager; Kazuya MAKINO
Banks Head Office, Kitaise-Ueno Shinkin
Head Office, Mie Bank
Tsu Branch, Japan Finance Corporation
Kawaramachi Branch, Hyakugo Bank
Yokkaichi Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank
Production Capacity
  • (1) Intermingling : 600
  • (2) Twist-mingling : 50
  • (3) Twisting of BCF yarns : Cable twisting : 150
    Ring twisting : 50
    Rewinding : 150
    (Sub-total : 350)
  • (4) Heatsetting : 100
  • (5) Glass Fiber twisting : Down twisting : 50
    Up twisting : 50
    (Sub-total : 100)
  • (6) PP Spinning : 400
  •  TOTAL PROCESSING : 1,600(tons/month)
Key Contractors Aquafil Japan, Asahi Chemical Industry, Iseori, Marubeni Intex, Nippon Sheet Glass, Teijin-Frontier, Toray, Toyotsu Matex, Unitica, Uniplas
Delivery Destination Hasetora Spinning, Japan Carpet, Sanmic, Suminoe, Tajima Roofing, Toabo, Toli, Toray-Amtex, Yamamoto Industry, Yonesen

Company History

July 25,1957 Founded as a private entity as 'FUJII TWISTING FACTORY'
engaged mainly twisting staple fibers
 1959 Twisting nylon filaments for fishing nets
 1961 Twisting nylon filaments for interior usage
 1964 New factory built for twisting nylon filaments (now Factory #1 in H.O.)
 1966 Started twisting glass fibers
 1967 Started producing polypropylene split yarns (Stopped operation in 18 months)
Dec 1,1968 Established the present company 'FUJII NENSHI & CO LTD'
Founder of the Company: Yoshihiro FUJII (at the time of foundation)
June,1970 Inauguration of a new factory for twisting glass fibers(now Factory #2 in H.O)
Shift-working system introduced
May,1972 Started producing Knotless fishing nets
April,1973 Started twisting BCF yarns for carpets (ring Twisting)
March,1984 Started cable twisting with Veldor machines from France
March,1984 Started air-entanglement with technological assistance from Asahi Chemical Industry
May,1995 Yoshiteru HIRANO was appointed as the second President of the company
Yoshiteru HIRANO was appointed as the second President of the compan
Yoshiteru HIRANO, the Second President,
who widened the capacity of intermingling dept. and broaded the customer base
May,2000 Yuki (George) FUJII was appointed as the third President of the company
Yuki FUJII, the third President of the Company
Oct,2000 Intermingling capacity increased with machines from Belmont Textile Machinery
Jan,2004 Opened Kusu Factory
June,2004 Concentrated intermingling machines in Kusu Factory
Aug,2004 Installed new Lieter cabling machines in Head Office
Aug,2005 Installed new Air-twisting machine from Belmont in Kusu Factory
April,2009 Installed new PP spinning machine from Neumarg in Kusu Factory #2
Aug,2011 Twist-mingling' processing method Patented (Pat.#4587080)
July,2014 Business Partnership Contract' was agreed with Gifu Toli on PP spinning
Oct,2018 New Head Office inaugurated
Sep,2022 Installed new heatsetting machine in Hazu Factory


  • Head Office
  • Site: 11,200㎡,
    Factory: 4,240㎡,
    Warehouse: 2,400㎡
  • 20-14, Hazu-cho, Yokkaichi city, Mie Prefecture, 510-0017 JAPAN
  • Head Office
  • Head Office
  • Head Office
  • Head Office
  • Kusu Factory
  • Factory #1 Site: 8,900㎡,
    Factory: 4,750㎡,
    Warehouse: 2,400㎡
    Factory #2 Site: 1,900㎡,
    Factory: 850㎡,
    Warehouse: 1,050㎡
  • 50, Minamigawa, Kusu-cho, Yokkaichi-city Mie Prefecture, 510-0105, JAPAN
  • Kusu Factory