Active, Advanced, and Accountable  (AAA)

Fujii Nenshi & Co., Ltd
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From our CEO

Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

Since our company was founded in 1957, we have been consistently dealing with processing filament yarns, with piled yarns as our key product.
The basic idea is that by way of processing textiles indispensable to our daily life, (1) we can enjoy our working life Actively and vividly, (2) we can challenge toward Advanced technologies, and (3) we can support our corporate customers as much as possible, thus making our company an Accountable partner you can count on. In this way we will try to aim for a AAA company.
We try to do better today than yesterday walking around our plant using our Hands and feet, we try to improve the work process constantly using our Head, and we work passionately for our customers, for our staff, and for ourselves from the bottom of our Hearts. (AAA by HHH)
Please expect the future development of our company, small but steady.

Chairman & CEO

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