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Global stage in our sight

We have been operating for more than 60 years solely as a textile processor. The world has seen tremendous development during the course of 21st century, especially in South East Asia. Textile industry, in the meantime, was once said to be a 'sunset industry', but now draws attention as the source of high-tech materials.

We once hoped to incorporate the world economic growth into Japan, and said:
Think globally, and act locally.
Now it's been changed to:
Think locally, and act globally.

We realize that our company must look at what's happening in the world, and for this purpose we must try to recruit various types of people in the world and that we must educate local staff to be internationally minded a person.
We would like to recruit those who share this view.

Global stage in our sight


In recent years our Chairman personally visited some South Eastern countries, such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Viet Nam, and had discussions with local people over his work in Japan. Since the beginning of the 21st century we have seen a very rapid economic growth in this particular area. While we see a shortage of staff in Japan, we foresee from the global viewpoint that recruiting people from this area would help solving the tasks mutually. In other words, recruiting overseas workers is not simply an attempt to fill the staff shortage but it is not only an economic contribution to his or her mother country but also an aid to the global development of our company.




We are constantly supported by our customers, by our local community, and by our working staff. It is thanks to those stakeholders that we can cooperate and tighten bonds with each other. In order to pay back everybody's blessings in the form of social contribution, we are determined to challenge and evolve in manufacturing the range of products. We welcome those who share our view and work together in FUJII NENSHI for the future.

Application Requirements

producttion staff
  • Work descriptionWork description

    As a production staff you will be asked to handle synthetic fibers in twisting, intermingling, spinning, rewinding, or packaging.
    Our factories are air-conditioned with modern machines and you can work comfortably and safely with the assistance of experienced staff, as most of new staff hve had prior experience of the work. You are asked to tell the colors in some position.

  • Qualification to applyQualification to apply


  • Skill or experienceSkill or experience


  • Basic salaryBasic salary

    ¥194,300/month - ¥224,300/month (Overseas staff may vary according to their language skills)
    Age and experience will be taken into account.

Working hours 8:00 - 17:00 (For night duty, 20:00 - 05:00 next day)
Benefits Child benefit: ¥10,000/person (only for head of family with children under 18 years of age)
Night pay: ¥1,000/day, with extra pay for night work
Bonus Twice a year
Days off Every Saterday and Sunday, Golden Week Holidays, Obon Holidays, New years holidays/ Annual holidays: 116 days - (2023 FY)
Travel allowance Actual expenses paid
Personal vehicle commuting allowed(Up to ¥10,000)
Employee benefits Special benefits for maintenance, logistics, and other technical skills
Retirement pension system
Social insurance, Welfare pension
Employment insurance/Industrial accident insurance
The recruitment selection process Interview on each plant
Application resume Resume with your photo
Hiring manager Yoshihisa Johnny FUJII総務人事担当 藤井 由久 社長
Currently, we are not hiring.
As soon as we have a job opening scheduled, we will announce it on our website and in the Hello Work job posting.